Founded in Dublin 1488, we are the world’s oldest candle company. Over the centuries we have pioneered new techniques in candle making from our Dublin Factory, and we are still based in the city today. Our Candles are woven into the social fabric of Ireland and have provided light for homes and streets for over 500 years.



It all began on Wynetavern Street, Dublin where John G Rathborne founded our company. He moved from Chester, England to pursue a new profession in candle making. Candles were an integral part of people's lives from the 1630s Joseph’s candles became the key supplier for the city. Our candles made Dublin city and Irish seas safe at night as they were used to light houses, streets and lighthouses for its citizens and visitors from across the seas.



Over our 500 years of experience we have been developing our candles and been developing the right techniques and materials for our candles. During the Industrial Revolution we moved away from animal tallow to develop special new formulations of wax, using beeswax and stearin. This new blend gave a clean, slower burn and yet maintained our methods of craftsmanship such as hand-making all our candles.



To celebrate being the world’s oldest candle company and five centuries of hand-crafting our candles, we have created the Beyond the Pale collection, six beautiful fragrances which capture the spirit of Ireland with a luxuriously modern edge. The glow of candlelight is now more familiar in the home than on the streets and this collection is the result of centuries of innovation. We took inspiration from the Dublin saying Beyond the Pale;  the wild countryside beyond the safety of the city walls. We have created fragrances, which are inspired from Irish roses, herbal combinations of mint and thyme & the bark of Irish trees. We craft our luxury scents to complement the home and indulge the senses, creating a range of desirable and stylish accessories for modern living.

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